The iFLOAT Dynamic is under development!

Assistive Innovations is currently working on new functionalities for the iFLOAT Dynamic, namely:

  • A new braking system,
  • A new parking system,
  • Improving the arm brace.

We are hard at work developing a better arm brace and a new braking and parking system.

The iFLOAT’s braking system
The new braking system will allow to lock and secure the arm support in any desired position. This is particularly useful when you need to hold up your arm in a certain position for an extended period of time.

The iFLOAT’s parking system
The new parking system allows you to activate Rest-mode on the arm support, useful because it allows you to remove your arm from the arm support safely.

Improving the arm support
In order to improve and simplify elbow flexion verticaly, we are working on a new arm brace. This arm brace makes for easier carrying out of ‘high’ movements, like eating, brushing your hair or making a phone call.

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