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If you are suffering from reduced muscle strength and/or function in your arms, things like working, practicing your hobbies and even performing everyday activities might prove challenging. An arm support is an assistive devices, designed to support your arms during all arm movements, allowing you to perform everyday activities with less effort.

Dynamic arm supports can also help prevent injuries like repetitive strain injuries. When combined with exercises and therapy, they can also assist in recovery and rehabilitation.


Our dynamic arm supports

Assistive Innovations develops, manufactures and supplies various dynamic arm supports, which are designed to be comfortable, easy-to-use and compact. But most importantly: to support all arm movements within your natural reach. They can be mounted on a desk, table or wheelchair and can be easily moved from one mounting position to another. Setting and adjusting the amount of support it provides can be done easily and precisely, to perfectly align with your personal preferences.

We have two setups

(Supports all arm movement, requires no electricity)

The iFLOAT Powered Assist
(Uses the Powered Assist-module (12V), allowing it to help move up and hold up your arm if needed)

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