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iEAT strawberry


The robust and solid eating device makes eating independently both possible and easier for people with involuntary muscle contractions. Eating with the iEAT Power Grip requires less control and coordination, thanks to the shock absorption mechanism. An added benefit of eating with the iEAT Light Grip, is that that you can sit up straight while eating with the iEAT, which is better for your back, shoulder and neck. It also improves digestion.


How it works

The iEAT Power Grip has a high-performance shock absorption mechanism, which absorbs the movement caused by involuntary muscle contractions. The iEAT keeps the spoon horizontal and within pre-set parameters. When you let go of the iEAT, the spoon automatically returns to the pre-set mouth position. Together with the specially designed plate, which you can rotate yourself, the iEAT Power Grip minimises the risk of spilling and allows you to enjoy your meal without limitation.



  • Absorbs shocks and involuntary arm movements
  • Supports and coordinates movements required for eating
  • Comes with a Manual plate rotation-unit (Powered plate rotation-unit is optional)
  • iEAT Spoon and iEAT Plate can also be bought separately


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