iARM User 660x369

Assistive robotic arm

People with a spinal cord injury or a muscular disease like SMA, MS, ALS or Duchenne are wheelchair-bound and often have very limited physical capabilities. Wheelchair mounted robotic arms a designed for people with very limited arm or hand function and enable them to live more independently. The user controls the robotic arm with the wheelchair controller, which can be a joystick, a numpad, buttons, a chin controller or any other kind of controller. Using the robot arm will enable you to eat and drink without assistance, comb your hair, brush your teeth, go grocery shopping, work, open doors and scratch an itch. Significantly enhancing your freedom and independence.

About our robotic arms

Assistive Innovations has over 25 years of experience developing and manufacturing assistive robotic arms. Our current model is the iARM, the intelligent wheelchair mounted robotic arm. The sensitivity of the controls, addition of an eating and drinking mode and the precision of the robotic arm, makes is very suitable to assist you in accomplishing everyday activities. 

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