TheĀ iFLOAT Dynamic is under development!

Assistive Innovations is currently working on new functionalities for the iFLOAT Dynamic, namely:

  • A new braking system,
  • A new parking system,
  • Improving the arm brace.

Show your colours!

The iARM Robotic arm is normally supplied in stylish black, but just in case you would like your robotic arm to stand out a little bit more, we have some options for you.

Short but powerful; a shorter arm support

Although the reach of the iFLOAT Active is a benefit for most, for some a shorter reach is preferred.

Support on the job

A common perception is that assistive devices are meant for people with (physical) limitation, but assistive devices are actually for anyone who finds them beneficial. For example, an arm support can be used to prevent or help recover RSI or CTS. A robotic arm can be used to enable someone to do their job, despite having a (temporary) disability.

Assistive drinking device

Plastic straws are very handy, sometimes even indispensable: they are flexible, don't get hot when put in hot drinks and they're single use, so very hygienic. But there is one big disadvantage: they are very often to short.
TheĀ iDRINK bidon with extra long, flexible drinking straw, can be bent in any desired position. This clever feat allows you to drink independently of others. The flexible straw can be rinsed out at the end of the day, keeping it clean and hygienic. So not single use, which is better for the environment.

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