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Everyday arm support

The iFLOAT helps you by supporting your arm, allowing you to perform everyday activities like personal care, work and practising your hobbies and making it less fatiging. This user friendly arm support has been developed for people with reduced muscle strength or muscle function as a result of a muscular disease or spinal cord injury. It also works well for preventing injuries like RSI, MSD and RMI. The advantage of a dynamic arm support as opposed to the more commonly used, fixed arm rest is that working and other activities often require you to move your arm and the iFLOAT supports your arm while moving.


Arm support at your table or on your wheelchair

The innovative support system used by the iFLOAT allows it to support your arm without requiring electricity. The ergonomic arm brace and elbow support make sure your arm is comfortably supported during all movements and the amount of support can be set easily and precisely. Another advantage of the iFLOAT is that it can be mounted on a table, desk, chair and/or wheelchair. Placing and removing the iFLOAT from an mounting position is very easy and having multiple mounting positions allows you to use it in different setups (at your desk while you're working and on your wheelchair when travelling you're going home).

iFLOAT Arm Support - Features

  • Fully supports your natural reach
  • Easy to mount on table, desk and (powered) wheelchair
  • Most compact arm support available
  • Does not increase the width of your wheelchair
  • Upgradable with Powered Assist-module


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