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iFLOAT M telephoneWhat goes up must come down, however many daily activities go against gravity. For example when we eat, drink, work or persue hobbies. When you have reduced muscle power, these daily activities can be seriously fatiguing. Our mechanical arm support is designed for people with diminished muscle function due to elderliness, myopathy or a neurological condition. The arm support compensates the weight of the arm. With less effort the arm can move, by giving a wide horizontal and vertical reach. The iFLOAT supports vertical and horizontal movements. Daily activities like eating, drinking and personal care (combing hair, brushing teeth) are so much easier to perform. The iFLOAT can be fitted to a table (via a clamp) or (wheel)chair (via a bracket).


  • Makes the arm lighter
  • Freedom of horizontal and vertical movement
  • Continuously variable adjustment
  • Attaches easy to most tables via a clamp
  • Ergonomic arm and elbow support