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Powerful arm support

The Powered Assist module is a small electrical module, which can be used to upgrade the iFLOAT Arm Support. Upgrading the iFLOAT Arm Support turns it from a passive (supportive) arm support into an active (supportive and assisting) arm support. The Powered Assist is operated with a single or double button and it allows you to move up and hold up your arm by pushing a button. Our advise is to move your supported arm yourself as much as possible, since this is always best for your health, but having the Powered Assist module available when you need it is a comforting thought. This allround arm support can assist you with many different activities, like eating, drinking, typing, making a phone call, painting and working. 


Active assistance

As mentioned, the Powered Assist is an upgrade for the iFLOAT Arm Support. Which means the basic support system works the same. The regular support requires no electricity and will provide you with assistance most of the time. Your arm rests in an ergonomic arm brace and together with the elbow support, it ensure full support with all movement. The Powered Assist comes into play when you need additional lift or support. You can raise or lower your arm with the push of a single button (or two if you prefer). The iFLOAT can be mounted on a desk, table, (powered) wheelchair or mobile frame and can be easily moved from one mounting position to another. The iFLOAT Powered Assist can be connected to the battery of a powered wheelchair or to a power outlet.

iFLOAT Powered Assist - Features

  • The iFLOAT Powered Assist is powered by the wheelchair battery or directly by the power socket
  • Controls of the module can be integrated to the controls of the powered wheelchair
  • Fully supports your natural reach and provided extra lift on demand
  • An external control button can be placed anywhere


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