Workplace injuries

If you ever experience strain, fatiguing or discomfort in your arms or shoulders while working, you might be experiencing the first effects of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) or musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD). These first signs might seem harmless enough, but when ignored they can lead to serious injuries. Often resulting in long-term inflammation, these injuries leave you unable to work.



Workplace ergonomics are the first step in the prevention of work-related injuries. Informing yourself of the solutions provided, like: basic ergonomic principles and guidelines, as well as ergonomic products is a good way to start.

Unfortunately, these principles, guidelines and products do not always provide a fitting solution. Especially when your job requires a lot of reaching and moving things around your desk/workplace (e.g. working in a laboratory, as a jeweler, watchmaker or developer). In that case, try the iFLOAT Arm Support.


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About the iFLOAT Arm Support

Our iFLOAT Arm Support is an easy-to-use arm support which was initially developed for people with diminished muscle strength and/or function in their arm(s).

Supporting all arm movements and allowing you to perform everyday activities like personal care, working and practicing hobbies with less effort. We soon realized the iFLOAT Arm Support also had significant potential in the prevention of RSI and MDS.

After successful trailing, we decided it was time to expand our horizon and start supplying our arm supports to anyone in need of a little extra support.


iFLOAT Arm Supports Specs

Available in a right handed setup and a left handed setup


Every iFLOAT comes with:

-          An iFLOAT table clamp

-          iFLOAT Arm Brace

-          iFLOAT Base

-          iFLOAT Parking Plug

-          iFLOAT Parking Lock




Horizontal reach:           Arm length

Vertical reach:               From table top to top of head

Table thickness range:   min. 0.4 mm / 0.15”     max. 6.5 cm / 2.5 “






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