Melina uses her trusted iARM intensively. It’s a great assistance both at home and at work and it give her a lot of freedom and independence. She wouldn’t want to go without one and is very happy with it. So when we askes her if she would like to share her story, there wasn’t a second of doubt.

Hi Melina, why did you choose the iARM?

I used to have the Manus, your first robotic arm. I’ve had it since day one. When they asked me if I would like to try one, I didn’t even know what is was. But I got the change, tried it and it changed my life. I had the Manus for several years, continuously receiving upgraded versions. Until I received a new wheelchair a few years back and it came with a different robotic arm. It was just not for me, so I got the iARM back and I am still very happy with.

What I really like about the iARM is that while moving the arm, the gripper remains in the same position. Meaning that I don’t have to adjust the position of the gripper constantly while moving a spoon to my mouth and the food won’t fall off. I am have more control with a keypad than a joystick and with the iARM I got to pick the controls.

The only thing is that your robotic arm looks less pretty and it is slightly bigger. But that doesn’t stack up against all the other benefits in comparison to the other, prettier robotic arms. Benefits like better movements and more gripper strength, allowing me to brush my teeth, make tea and work.

For what do you use your robotic arm the most?
Eating is the most important thing I use it for. But I also use it to drink, make tea, pick things up, eat fruit and things around the house like gardening. I also use the iARM a lot when I’m at work.

Would you recommend it to others?
Without a doubt! Matter of fact, I recently did, to my neighbour and she is getting one herself very soon! She didn’t know which one to choose, I shared my experience and then she choose yours.

It really makes you more independent!


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