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iFLOAT NG Dynamic

A New Generation of dynamic arm supports

The iFLOAT NG Dynamic is the first arm support in the NG-series (New Generation). Equipped with various features like smart control, memory options and integrated software and electronics, the new iFLOAT NG Dynamic places itself amongst the best arm supports available.

With the iFLOAT NG Dynamic the user is able to control the level of support electronically instead of manually, which means it will always be exactly as needed. The amount of support applied is controlled with an external button (single or dual) or integrated in the wheelchair control.

Working, taking care of yourself and doing things you like, have never been so easy with this dynamic arm support. Despite being considerably more robust than previous arm supports, it is still the most compact arm support available. This makes it perfect for mounting on a desk, wheelchair or powered wheelchair.

Check out the product specs below to learn more about the iFLOAT NG Dynamic!

iFLOAT NG Stack up PNG 2

New features

An new and unique feature is the Rest-mode. In Rest-mode, no force is applied by the iFLOAT system. Allowing the user to safely park and get out of the iFLOAT, without having to use a parking system.

Memory option
Another new feature and significant addition is the Memory option, which allows the user to set and save the preferred amount of support. This saved setting is called a ‘Macro’. Activating the Marco-setting is done with the regular control buttons, so no additional controls are required.

Ergonomic arm brace
The support segments of the arm brace have a modular setup, allowing it to be completely customized to the user’s personal preference. The washable covers of the segment provide soft padding and prevent chafing and irritation of the skin.

Optional wrist and/or hand support
Wrist and/or hand support are available for the iFLOAT NG Dynamic.

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