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LEO Robotics

 November 21th 2016

The Netherlands is one of the forerunners in robotics worldwide. Within the country there are several regional hubs that are particularly innovative in specific fields of robotics. The East if The Netherlands is very proficient in the development of service robots and service robotics. LEO is a collaboration of regional corporations and universities that want to transmit their skills and knowledge in service robotics around the world. LEO Robotics recently published the November 2016 edition of their newsletter. Click here to read the newsletter.


iFLOAT Powered Assist - The powered arm support


iFLOAT Powered Assist 700pxAugust 5th 2016

Meet the iFLOAT Powered Assist arm support. The iFLOAT Powered Assist is an upgraded version of the iFLOAT Arm support. The iFLOAT Powered Assist is meant for people who need a bit of extra support and lift with upward movements.

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Eating independently

iEAT M pasta

 July 7th 2016

The iEAT Light Grip is one of the feeding devices in our assortment. Designed to make eating without assistance possible, it coordinates movements needed to eat. Allowing the user to eat with less effort and with spilling. The iEAT series offers various other models like the iEAT Power Grip and the iEAT Feeding Robot. Thanks to the shock absorption mechanism, the iEAT Power Grip is ideal for people who suffer from spasms or tremors. The iEAT Feeding Robot is a user friendly assistive device for people who would normally not be able eat without assistance in any way, allowing them to do so regardless. Click here to learn more


The latest in assistive eating devices


iEAT E close up


June 6th 2016

UPDATE: We released a newer model of the iEAT Feeding Robot

A few weeks ago was the official introduction of our latest assistive feeding device: the iEAT Feeding Robot. The iEAT Feeding Robot is designed for people with little or no muscle function in their arms and/or hands. Giving them the ability to eat independently and without assistance. The iEAT Feeding Robot user friendly, easy to operate and very compact.


Assistive Innovations at Health & Rehab Scandinavia


Health Rehab 2016

 May 13th 2016

The Health & Rehab Scandinvia was a succes for Assistive Innovations. We received a lot of positive feedback and reactions on our assistive devices. We got the chance to talk about our devices with genuinely interested people and were able to get into the details, receiving solid feedback and positive reactions. We want to thank you all for visiting us! We would also like to thank Health & Rehab Scandinavia for having us. 

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