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Images Feeding supports

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Video's Feeding supports

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iEAT strawberry

The iEAT feeding support is available in various models. The iEat supports the user by heaving a meal. It coordinates the necessary movements. The damping mechanism helps people who suffer from spasms or tremors by nullifying uncontrolled movements. The device’s so-called feeding arm offers resistance so the user can perform controlled movements. The user can perform controlled movements during eating.

For people with reduced muscle power and/or coordination problems, the iEAT helps by offering almost no resistance. The user can perform controlled eating movements by using just a little power.

The iEAT offers the user full control. The user will be an equal, independent partner at the dinner table. The iEAT has a modern and compact design. It can be fitted easily to almost any table. In other words this means eating with ease and independence with family, friends or in a restaurant. A special plate and spoon is included.

The iEat feeding support:

  • Supports and coordinates movements during eating
  • Easy adjustment
  • Available in various models
  • Attaches simply to most tables via a clamp
  • Modern, compact design
  • So-called feeding arm is easy to detach

Watch the video of the iEAT feeding robot in action