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    Arm Support - Armon Edero

    "Eating independently again increases quality of life"

  • Pic 2

    Robotic Arm - iARM

    "I use the iARM even for fine-motor activities, such as personal care"

  • Pic 3

    Robotic Arm - iARM

    "If I want to set up my glasses I can use the iARM"

  • Pic 4

    Eating Device - Mealtime Partner

    "The confidence of my son has grown considerably since he uses the Mealtime Partner"

  • Pic 5

    Arm Support - Dynamic Arm Support (DAS)

    "Also at work I make good use of the DAS"

  • Pic 6

    Robotic Arm - iARM

    "It is wonderful to run private activities myself again"

  • Pic 7

    Robotic Arm - iARM

    "The special food menu makes eating easier than ever"

  • Pic 8

    Arm Support - Dynamic Arm Support

    "With the DAS, I no longer suffer from tired arms while calling"


Welcome to Assistive Innovations!

Reach further, achieve more...

Who is Assistive Innovations?

Assistive Innovations is supplier of assistive technology for people with limited arm, hand or finger function, for example caused by a muscular disease, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, a neurological condition or age. Our range includes arm supports, eating devices, rehabilitation equipment and robotic arms. We continue to constantly develop and innovate to meet the needs of our customers.

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What do we want to achieve?

Real independence for everyone. That is our mission. Assistive Innovations believes that everyone is entitled to have an free and independent life. Each of our products enhance independence and freedom, self-esteem and quality of life. Thanks to the close cooperation with manufacturers and our target group, we can seamlessly respond to the current needs of the customer. By using one of our products, you will certainly discover how much potential and possibilities you have. Are you up to face the challenge?

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The team of Assistive Innovations

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